Lung Technologies is developing a novel and first of its kind Pre-Surgical Platform to prevent the quite common and very costly Post-Surgical complications of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT's) and Pulmonary Atelectasis (PA)


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Next-Generation Digital Platform for Pre- & Post-Surgical Preventative and Rehabilitative Medical Therapies

Post-Surgical Complications

Post-Surgical complications cost the United States Health Care System over 5.4 billion dollars in 2022 in added healthcare costs to the Hospital and the patient according to the National Institutes of Health. Lung Technologies’ new and novel pre & post-surgical preventive and rehabilitative platform directly focuses on these serious issues.

Estimates suggest around 40% of all surgeries have some form of complications. This results in added Hospital stay times of up to two weeks with a cost of $52,000.00 per patient. Hospital born infections (nosocomial), Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Atelectasis are three of the main culprits of post-surgical complications adding to extended hospital stays and costs.


The current post-surgical, non-pharmaceutical therapies for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Atelectasis are very dated and clinically ineffective in the treatment of these very costly and sometimes deadly conditions.  

Lung Technologies novel pre & post-surgical platform will address poor lung alveolar health and poor calf venous blood flow prior to surgery making the patients much less susceptible to these two common post-surgical complications.

Lung Technologies and our partner Orthopedic Specialists have partnered with our States finest Universities to develop our novel therapies to pre-surgically prevent pulmonary atelectasis and deep vein thrombosis. Our collaboration has developed and is continuing to innovate the most advanced medical therapies to prevent these costly post-surgical complications through great science and engineering with our university researchers and product design and development teams.





Our Partner Orthopedic Specialists– “Why are we addressing these surgical complications only post-surgically?”


Surgeons at our partner Orthopedic Specialists believe over 40 % of their patients enter surgery with poor lung alveolar health and poor calf venous blood flow making them much more susceptible to pulmonary atelectasis and deep vein thrombosis (DVT’s).

We developed our pre-surgical platform to address these issues prior to surgery by having the patient improve their lung alveolar health and improve their venous calf blood flow in a two-week regimen prior to surgery.

Our pre-surgical platform easily reverts to post-surgical rehabilitative therapies following surgery under general anesthesia as is the current protocol in medicine today.


Partnering with the world class Graduate Engineering Departments at Gonzaga University, The U of WA – Co-Motion Labs, Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University, we have developed the Next Generation Digital Therapeutic Incentive Spirometers with our proprietary Pulmonary+ plus technology to prevent and treat Pulmonary Atelectasis before surgery and after surgery.


Also, with these Universities, we have developed and are continuing to develop our next-generation 3-Axis, Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention therapies using our proprietary Digital C-Pam or “Continuous Pressure > Active Motion” Technology to manipulate blood veinous flow more effectively and prevent stagnation of blood in the two main muscle groups, gastrocnemius, and soleus in the calf region both pre-surgically and post-surgically.


Later this year, Lung Technologies will begin development of our third DVT therapy. Our Digital 3-Axis, DV-Tech, and next generation compression sock where we are incorporating three innovative technologies in compression sock therapy.


Also, later this year, we will begin development of our e-application to monitor patient activity/compliance to a pre-surgical regimen of improving lung alveolar health on our Digital Incentive Spirometer and improving calf venous blood flow using our Digital C>pam deep vein thrombosis system two weeks before surgery.  A pre-surgical first to proactively prevent these two common and costly post-surgical complications.



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